Top 9 Hospital Overbed Table Buying Guy And Reviews 2022

A hospital over-bed table is a device that is commonly seen in hospital and personal care settings. This device is simple a table that can be wheeled around, and is angled so that it can be perched above a person resting in their bed.
These tables are particularly useful for people who are bed ridden and cannot get up out of bed to a dinner table. It has allowed nursing staff greater flexibility when they care for their patients, and allows the patient to decide when they want to eat food or take pills resting on the table.
They are becoming increasingly common in the home setting, especially for elderly persons who receive home care services during the day. There is a great deal of diversity in the sizes, styles and mechanisms for how an bedchill works for the person laying in the bed. If you want to buy a hospital overbed table, you’ll want to take careful stock of why you want one of these devices before you look into actually buying one. Let read through this guide for some basics.

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Additional tips for a hospital over-bed table:

There are actually quite a few different innovations that have been developed for this piece of technology. Before you buy, make sure you take careful measurement of the bed it will be used with for the patient.

See how high off of the ground the top of the bed is, and give at least another foot for clearance for the person’s body that will be using the device. This will save you the trouble of having to return an over-bed table that doesn’t fit your needs.

A nice feature to look for is an over-bed table that can have its height adjusted. This is a good option if you’re buying this to be used for different sized people or beds.

It can also be useful if the person is capable of moving to different locations (e.g., couch or recliner), but still needs to stay in one place for a while.

One useful addition to buy would be what is known as a split top over-bed table. These have two different sections for the table that are atop the device.

This is useful for one because it gives the user more space to have their meals, medications and even newspapers or books. But even more interesting is that some have an unlocking latch that will let one section of the over-bed table be tilted towards or away from the user. It is perfect if the person wants to read a newspaper, but doesn’t have the strength to hold it at eye level. The table top can easily be tilted to bring the newspaper into their field of vision.

Top 9 Hospital Overbed Table On The Market

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table


– Chrome-plated or silver vein steel “H” style base and mast that provides security and stability.

– It has a textured laminated top surface with walnut and wood grain low that keeps items from sliding off.

– The table surface can be raised or lowered between 28 inches – 45 inches and locked securely when height adjustment.

– The table swivel casters allow for easy movement.

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table

Drive medical non-tilt top overbed table has a wood grain low pressure laminate top that keeps items from sliding off and provides a roomy surface. The overbed table frame is made of coated steel for provides security and has a long-lasting durability. With an H-style base that keeps this overbed table from tilting. The tabletop locks handle securely makes it possible to adjust from 28 to 45 inches of the height and give space-less for user comfort. Besides, the 2 inches swivel casters allows easy maneuverability and movement from one room to another.

Laptop Table Sofa Overbed Table 5 Adjustable Height Space


– A powder-coated steel frame.

– An adjustment knob can be adjusted to 5 different heights.

– Its swivel casters offers it portability and easy mobility.

– Left larger rotating board size is 15.7 icnh x15.7 inch and right smaller solid board size is 7.9 inch x 15.7 inch.

Vogue Carpenter Laptop Table Sofa Bedside Table

Laptop table sofa or overbed table gives a good platform and side baffles with has a wood grain low pressure laminate top that keep your laptop from sliding off table. It also allows you to carry out activity like working on your computer, reading book, etc… can using it at bedside, sofa, workstation. It has two portion and the larger portion can be tilted 45 degrees on either side. It also adjustability makes the table perfect for any bed having any size. There are 5 locking swivel casters and can be adjusted to 5 different heights easily.

Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with wheels


– It’s easy to height adjustability ranges from 28 inches – 40 inches.

– A spring-loaded handle makes it easy to raise and lower.

– The table has an H-style base offered a heavy-gauge chrome-plated steel frame to give a sturdy support and adds more stability.

– It has an easy maneuverability and moving any direction with four swivel casters.

– The table top is 15 inches x 30 inches with locks firmly and safely into place.

– It does have a small lip all the way around from the trim on the side of the table that keep something from tilt and sliding off.


This table is highly recommended by doctors because you can use it at hospital table bedside. Moreover, it’s a top selling over-bed table in clinics and hospitals. It has heights adjustable function, four swivel casters make it portability and easy to maneuver any direction. A  base of H-style offer its strength that keeps the table from tilting and chrome-plated welded tubular steel body constructed offers its high durability. Besides that, this table surface has a walnut wood-grained lamination and flush-mounted T-molded edge designs under the surface of the table.

Overbed Table with Vanity Non Tilt Automatic Spring Assisted


– The automatic spring-assisted left mechanism that has height adjustments from 28 inches to 45 inches and helps prevent the table from tipping.

– Melamine surface provides an amazing resistance to tear, wear, heat, and stains.

– The chrome-plated base of “H” style with a side stowaway drawer integrated to keep items within easy reach.

Overbed Table With Vanity Non-Tilt Automatic Spring Assisted

This is a highly durable table made of melamine surface with the best a chrome-plated steel and offers good resistance to rust. It is a necessity for convenience when stay in the bed or sofa. Besides, there is a side storage tray integrated to keep items at hand. It has also infinite height adjustment between 28 inches and 45 inches. Besides, it has also an automatic spring-assisted mechanism that helps raise the table easily without moving the table up handle.

Med-Mobile Tilting Overbed Table with Tall Edge Laminated Table


– The surface table can be tilted to either direction to easily.

– The tall edge laminated surface makes it easy to use and clean.

– Table top is locked securely and adjustment handle is tightened.

– With an H-style base shape 24″ x 16″steel frame provides security and stability.

– It can be raised or lowered between 28″ – 45″.

MedMobile Tilting Table with Tall Edge Laminated Overbed Table Top

This tilting table forces your laptop safely or makes a good platform for eating. It has a laminated surface makes it easy to clean and an edge configuration to keep items from leaving outside of the table. Besides that, the top part of the table is tiltable to either direction to make it easy to use. With an H-style base steel frame give you the best quality and increased stability. It can be adjusted in height of the table from 28 inches to 45 inches and swivel casters allow easy movement anywhere in your room.

Medical Full Tilt Top Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels


– It can be raised or lowered between 28″ – 47″ and supports up to 50 lbs of weight.

– The laminated wooden surface to hold items in place that makes it easy to use.

– It has a fantastic feature is the fact that it is a two-part table.

– This over-bed table can rotate 360 degrees.

– Its powder coated heavy-gauge steel body.

– Lock-able swivel casters offer portability for the table.

Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table

This is undoubtedly the most functional overbed bedside table, perfect for hospital or your home use. It not only comes with the same adjustable other ​the other options of the overbed table, but also sports a tilting fantastic feature with a two-part table design to make use easier. Aside from that, the outer side rotates and the inner side stays upright to hold your book, laptop or cup of coffee in place. If you’re seeking stability and safety, then this overbed table is just what you need and allowing you to enjoy multi-functionality.

Goplus Overbed Rolling Table Over Bed Laptop Food Tray


– A knob integrated into the steel frame which makes it fixed income and safety.

– The surface table consists of a blend of medium-density fiberboard and PVC to provide a sturdy, smooth surface that cleans easily.

– It can be tilt forward and backward makes it possible to adjust the height of the table from 28.3″ to 43.3″.


Goplus Overbed Rolling Table Over Bed Laptop Food Tray

The Goplus overbed table with a height that extends to nearly 4 feet and changing the height of the table from 28.3 inches to 43.3 inches, which is great for taller beds and furniture. It is a solid combination of PVC, MDF, steel to provide a sturdy surface that cleans easily. With an H-shaped base makes the table stabillitable and four universal casters give central flexibility for any form required. The top of surface table can be tilted and locked any position.

Coavas Overbed Table Medical Adjustable Portable


– Easy to assemble taking only 10-20 minutes.

– Environment-friendly, sturdy and stable support for work or in hospital room.

– It can be adjusted up to 3 levels of height adjustment and more suitable for 15.7 inches – 23.6 inches over-bed table.

– It has designed with strong and stable metal tubes.

Coavas Overbed Table Medical Adjustable Portable

This folding table is a good space-saver when not in use. It has a wood fiber surface for increased support, resistance to wear and makes it easy to clean. It also offers a generous surface table that can be many features uses. Besides, with a strong steel frame provides sturdy support and clear quality. A knob integrated into the strong steel frame makes it possible to adjust the height of the table with 3 clear levels of 67-79 cm. Swivel casters provide a slight change making the table easy to move and maneuver. Besides that, assembling the table is handy and taking only 10-20 minutes.

Silver Spring Adjustable Essential Overbed Table


– Ideal for keeping drinks, medications, eating off or using as a desk.

– The laminate surface table is easy to clean.

– The locking caster wheels to keep the table in place.

– With an H-styles base steel frame can be adjusted height of the table from 28″- 43″ and high density board 25” W x 16” D.

– It has tilt feature will accommodate beds of all sizes.

Silver Spring Adjustable Essential Overbed Table

This versatile Silver spring table rolls in a way that is possible and the rotary lock wheels installed at the base. The top of surface of the table best is made of thick cardboard and the H-style base frame is made of powder-coated steel gives good quality and courage to protect the table from tilt. The edge is covered with dirt to against rust and scratches. A knob integrated into frames of the table makes it possible to set the height to different levels. This design has an undoubtedly the most functional in the market.

Choosing the Best Overbed Table for Your Home

In order to choose a best hospital over-bed table when buying time comes to order you need to keep in mind:

Ease of movement: It has ability to be moved easily, casters have locking to ensure they stay in place and moving from one place to another easily.

Ease of assembly: It can be assembled in less than 5 minutes by even elderly people or taking only 10-20 minutes.

Ease of using and cleaning: Most of the hospital bedside tables made of laminated wood-grain finish table tops and stainless steel of H-style bases that can be cleaned easily. Additionally, it also has adjustment mechanisms and lock into place for stability that are easy to use. It is easy to clean and disinfect.

Ability to tilt and storage: If you want to choose a table with a tilt feature, you should searching an over-bed table available and use your over-bed table for a variety of activities such as using a laptop, eating off, keeping drinks, medications or using as a desk. This is a crucial feature of the over-bed table. Additionally, ability to storage is also another important factor that you need to consider.

Raised edge for the table: You need to look for a raised edge around the table that can be prevent something from sliding off the surface of the table.

Weight can support from 35 Ibs – 50 Ibs of weight and the tabletop locks handle securely that of your something in the surface of the table without wobbling.

Additionally, you should consider the amount of space on the table surface. If you want to use the over-bed table for your medications in hospital or using as a desk, you need to buy a large surface of the over-bed table that it can be accommodate all something. Most of the over-bed tables will fit most beds or hospital bed, you need to ensure the amount of space around the bed to fit.

Bamboo-Coffee-Laptop-Modern-Furniture For Bed

In conclusion

Every over-bed table has unique designs in its own way and many standard features, so they are affordable products and important to do you need to research before buying that best suits your needs and gives you value for money. So, we had love to know what you are looking for in your ideal over-bed table.

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